K-TAG Master

A powerful interface. Flexible and easy to adapt to your needs

Compatible with most vehicles and available for the 8, 16, and 32 bit microprocessors

Automatic updating of our online manuals which offer a step-by-step picture tutorial for connecting to the ECU

Full Backup and Restore option

Reading and writing of the individual Processor, EEPROM, and flash memory components

Removal of the write-protection to allow for flashing via OBD

K-TAG Slave

The Slave version of the tool allows you to be linked to a MASTER tool sharing the information privately while utilizing the encryptions unique to each Master tool.

Whether you are looking to create a Tuner network where your Master will manage file supply to any number of Slaves; or if you want to be a Slave that is connected to an existing Master network of available tuners; either way, Alientech tools allow for flexibility and growth of your business.

All this using our intuitive interface, so that you can write the supplied files with a great ease of use.

In addition of new protocols, all Slave devices have all the improvements as the Master.