Alientech K-Suite 2.24

The update 2.24 of the K-Suite software brings new interesting solutions to work on new OBDII protocols – with KESSv2. From now you can read and write directly through the diagnostic port the newest Land Rover equipped with Bosch EDC17CP55 and MEDC17.9 ECUs. This latter one has been a tough test as recently modified by Bosch, but we can already read and write it via OBDII!


Land Rover 3.0 SDV6, 4.4 SDV8 Bosch EDC17CP55

KESSv2 - 541

- Read: YES

- Write: YES

- Checksum Correction: YES

- Cable: 144300K201


Land Rover 2.0 D4 e 2.0 TD4 Euro 6 Bosch MEDC17.9

KESSv2 - 542

- Read: YES

- Write: YES

- Checksum Correction: YES

- Cable: 144300K201


Cummins International Truck CM2350A CAN

KESSv2 - 543

- Read: YES

- Write: YES

- Checksum Correction: YES

- Cable: 144300K245




Tigercat Tractor Bosch EDC17CV41 CAN

KESSv2 - 544

- Read: YES

- Write: YES

- Checksum Correction: YES

- Cable: 144300K208 / 144300K226



Beside the software update, we still have important news to communicate. It’s a radical change but necessary to protect and improve your way to work and above all, will give you the definitive confirm that to be an Alientech customer has many advantages.




From the next updates you will need to be connected to internet to work with K-TAG


It’s an important step forward we decided to do because the fight against piracy is one of the goals of our company. Unfortunately, we have to face these situations almost every day, with fraudulent actions done to damage our and your work!  These actions, often taken by “amateurs” who use cloned tools with no certification at all and without any technical training, depreciate your and our job.


Working on line, we can assure you safety and protection as well as new features and opportunities, which would have been impossible to be offered to you offline.


Our technical manuals will be always available and updated: every single suggestion on how and what should be used will be explained to you in details, Only being constantly on line your updates will be in real time, so you won’t have to download them beforehand.

You, who work only with official Alientech tools, will be able to see our supported vehicles’ list updated in real time, a feature that you can have only if you work on line ; even checksum and protocol will be updated moment by moment.

ATTENTION: from this release instead, only with on line and with an active subscription for KESSv2 you will be able to do the Virtual Reading so to get in automatic the original file you need. No doubts this will help you sparing time with almost no margin of error.


As you know, we keep stored in the Alientech Data Bank all the original files that are available. Thousands and thousands of files at your disposition, and just in these days we add 3624 new ori files of the VAG group, recorded according to their calibration code.


Here is the detailed list of all the added files according to its protocol.


Protocols     Original Files

399 - VAG BOSCH EDC17C46 CAN    497

447 - VAG BOSCH EDC17C64 CAN    217

449 - VAG BOSCH EDC17C54 CAN    221

453 - VAG BOSCH EDC17CP44 CAN  237

459 - VAG BOSCH EDC17CP20 CAN  365

465 - VAG BOSCH MED17.5/MED17.5.20 /MED17.5.5 TC1766 CAN   613

466 - VAG BOSCH MED17.5.2/ME17.5.6/ME17.5.20 TC1767 CAN      439

467 - VAG BOSCH MED17.1/MED17.1.1 TC1796 CAN      179

468 - VAG BOSCH MED17.1.1/MED17.1.6 TC1797 CAN   121

469 - VAG CONTINENTAL SIMOS12 TC1797 CAN       36

473 - VAG CONTINENTAL SIMOS18 TC1791 CAN       78

477 - VAG BOSCH MED17.5.21 TC1782 CAN 231

499 - VAG BOSCH ME17.5.24 TC1724 CAN    29


510 - VAG BOSCH EDC17C74 TC1793 CAN   18

533 - VAG BOSCH EDC17CP54 CAN  8


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